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tv   News  ABC  July 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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to sing that. >> i can't do that. >> come on charley. you make me sing i am so upset. >> sing to us this morning. >> no. >> give us the forecast singing? >> i will never sing for you ever again. my bird voice is off limit to you. change is on the way. but it's not going to happen for today. we will be dealing with heat and humidity once again. we have another code orange on tap. the showers and storms are possible. scattered in nature going into the afternoon. and then the good news comes in to the picture. we are going to be dry as we go throughout the weekend. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything as of now. these are returns. nothing is falling from the sky. as we go through the rest of the day, that's a possibility. brunswick the temperature is at 69 degrees. the humidity is at 97%. and we are going to be seeing the humidity just rising as we go through the day once again. 94% for the humidity at glen oaks. 72 right now at calvin rodwell
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elementary school. now tonya has traffic. >> reporter: good morning. no problems to report 795 southbound out of reisterstown. 95 on both side of the city outside the beltway is doing okay. let's look at 895 south of o'donnell, no problems to report here. southbound to the right of the scene has a little heavier involve. northbound traffic is flowing freely. the only incident is 95 southbound at the fort mchenry tunnel. there's an accident in the right tube. the left tube gets by. a little more volume there. you can get through in the left tube. a few people staring. back to you. >> thanks. what is next for casey anthony? she should learn whether she will be set free orer is more time in jail. or serve more time in jail. she was acquitted of killing her -- or serve more time in jail. she was acquitted of killing her daughter. this morning amount bc's john hendren has the latest including behind the scenes insight from one of the jurors in that murder case as well as
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casey's lawyer. >> reporter: casey anthony's lawyer says the first verdict was the sweetest. >> the happiest moment came after the first not guilty because i knew i saved her life. >> reporter: in another exclusive interview with abc news, juror number 3 says the case does not remove all suspicion. >> not guilty doesn't mean innocent. it doesn't mean innocent. >> reporter: jennifer ford says there were too many unanswered question. number one how did caylee die. >> how can you punish someone for something if you don't know what they did. >> reporter: in the 31 days she waited to report her daughter missing. >> it looks very bad the behavior is very bad but bad behavior is not enough to prove a crime. >> reporter: single nursing student says the prosecutors simply failed to prove casey killed her daughter. that lingering question could dog her all her life among many unjustly defense attorney told abc's barbara walters in the exclusive interview. >> they think she is a monster. they think she is a cold-
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hearted killer. and nothing could be further from the truth. >> reporter: that has not stopped her dreaming of becoming a mother again in letters from jail she said it's a dream not too long ago that i was pregnant. i thought about adopting. there are so many children that deserve to be loved. casey's legal ordeal is not over. that nanny she says kidnapped the child a woman of the same name is suing her for defamation and if she is asked to answer questions in that case, she cannot choose not to testify. john hendren, abc news. an oklahoma woman started online not create caylee's law there. are nearly 200,000 signatures. that petition exist on calling for a federal lawmaking it a felony nor a parent or caretaker not to report the death of a child or report a child's disappearance. we want to know what you think about this. go to the facebook fan page or get there through and back to facebook and leave your thoughts on this possible
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law. 5:34. making news around the nation this morning. in georgia a. controversially -- controversy over displaying stars and stripes. disabled war veteran david bone says he was told to take down the united states flag because of rules at his apartment complex in augusta. >> i said this is where we served in wars to have that right freedom of speech. that's why i am a american citizen don't live in cuba this is not russia or china. >> he also says property managers refused to let him put up a flag shaped welcome sign and a patriotic sticker on his own car. bones says he received an eviction notice from property managers because signs violate the lease. you have seen this around baltimore. guys usually guys walking around with their pants hanging down. but it shows your underwear. people in albany, georgia, they are paying the fines because law enforcement are enforcing a saggy pants ordinance.
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yesterday, they wrote 6 citations and officers think there's been enough times since the ordinance was enacted for the public to get a full and complete understanding of the law and now they are stepping up enforcement. >> especially when the -- with the number of citations we have written, the word is out a and hopefully people will start adhearing to the law. >> according to ordinance pants or skirts that hang below more than 3 inches below the top of the his expose skin or undergarments underneath that's against the law. a frightening ordeal in connecticut. a woman wakes up to find a man standing over her bed. but the suspect didn't want to rob or hurt her e had to go. -- her. he had to go he asked to use the bathroom. >> he was wiping down the door knobs in the upstairs saying there was dna on them and he had to get rid of it.
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>> she convinced him to leave her home and his scent was tracked and he has been ordered to stay away from the woman. >> homeowners in parts of missouri are being allowed to head back home. >> stay with us. coming up, why officials say the visits have to be quick because of massive flooding. we are first and only at 4:30 in the morning. ethan allen introduces a new way of living
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5:39. look at this massive flooding in sugar lake, missouri. sheriff deputies are patrolling the area check out the hazardous -- checking out the hazardous conditions. they are letting homeowners with boats back in to get information and pictures for their insurance adjusters. >> the water even though it's going up and down a little bit, it's -- whoa think it's going to be there for a while and after talking to some of the residents and listening to their concerns, we will let them in a couple times a week so that's what we are doing. >> the sheriff he's office -- sheriff office has not had problems with looters in the area. we have seen wild watter. >> we have. because flooding in missouri is
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something we hadn't told you about. right now, lynette, we really need rain in maryland. >> we do. we are an inch below. i am being more accurate about a 10th of an inch since june. so since last month and then a little over an inch but an inch and a 10th for the year. so, if we got rain in here, it wouldn't hurt us. we don't want to be in that deficit. so, as we go throughout the day today, there is a chance for under one of the thunderstorms that we get, we could get hefty rain and maybe gusty wind. but maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything. checking out the temperatures in hanover coming in right around 71, more of the same in catons victim. ijamsville around 69. but the big story is it's soupy outside. it's thick out there. you can see patchy fog as you step out and that will burn more off into the afternoon. high temperatures around 91 degrees. let's go over to tonya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are doing well, 70 eastbound
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to the beltway. no incidents to report in your way. the beltway is doing fine as well. let's look on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins. outer loop is heavier to the left of the screen. no incidents to report on the inner loop. the problem is 95 southbound at the fort mchenry tunnel. an overturned vehicle in the right tube. so everybody is diverted into the left tube which does get by just more people useing that one tube 95 southbound. back to you. >> all right. thanks. 5:41. you note feeling driving around bolt -- you know the feeling driving around baltimore street can feel like a constacket sport with the potholes. >> now con-- contact sport with the potholes. and slower traffic is were the speed cameras were put into neighborhoods. why some want them out and what they are doing to get them to go away.
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five visions of american style inspired by you. find your signature lifestyle at a design center today. come in now. now "good morning maryland." 295 is back open this morning. but it was the scene of a massive police search after a man attacked one of those speed camera vehicles. linda so is live this morning to tell us this is not the first time someone has gotten angry and turned that anger into violence with the speed
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cameras. right? >> reporter: yeah, that's happened right here near padonia elementary school. someone smashed this speed camera back in may. and then you have another incident in dundalk when someone spray painted the lens on the speed camera. and, of course, you have what happened yesterday. a speed camera vehicle parked on 295 near the bwi exit was vandal identities. a man walked out of the woods with a hammer and a shotgun and tapped the back window with the shotgunch the operator of the speed camera inside the jeep began to blow the horn when the man came to the front and smashed the windshield with a hammer. he then ran back into the wood. it sparked a massive search in the area. police shut down 295 in both directions for hours but they never found the man. the state been a use the speed cameras in construction in school zones after it was voted to be approved in 20 09. nancy jacobs believes it had nothing to do with safety but about raising money and
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compares the anger over speed cameras with the recent anger over the proposed toll hikes. >> i think it's a growing tide of people who are upset with big brother continuing to get bigger every day. >> reporter: police have not found the suspect behind yesterday's attack. they did search throughout the night. they describe the man as a white man maybe around 60 or 65 with gray hair. but, again, the attacks on speed cameras seems to be a growing problem. the most recent one happened here near padonia elementary when somebody broke -- smashed the camera right here. live in baltimore county, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. you know there's word that be gaddy's daughter is hospitalized she and her sister took over feeding and helping the poor once their mother passed away in 2001. >> we ask everybody to keep her
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in prayer. but right now we are just putting together the pieces because she will be greatly missed and right now it takes two of us to do her job because she did so much. >> a week ago she went in for a routine checkup and her health went downhill quickly. >> 5:47. today there is an event to raise awareness about crime in baltimore city and search for ways to get more money to make the streets safer. donny andrews whose life was highlighted in the acclaimed hbo series "the wire" will be on hand as well as the show's cocreator ed burns it happens from 6 to 8 tonight at the university of maryland school of law. verizon will pay 20 million dollars to resolve a lawsuit concerning its treatment of disabled employees missing work. the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission announced that the settlement wednesday in the lawsuit they filed in maryland the eeoc said
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the company violated the americans with disability act by not accommodating disabled workers and firing them instead. it's the sippingel -- single biggest largest settlement in eeoc history. 5:48. more news we are working for you to keep you safe. if you bought glove from april of 2010 through this past may that glove is being recalledit's the supreme series and some of the gloves can have mold that can cause respiratory or other problems for those impaired with immune systems. here's the number write this down if you have one of the midst 800-451-7913. you will soon have a smoother ride to work. baltimore officials unveiled a neighborhood initiative. the city has a paving machine to -- pn to make the -- machine
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to make the roads less bumpy and the mayor tested it out. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> hi, i am meteorologist lynette charles. on this thursday, we should be right around 66 degrees for our low temperature. the record was set in 1980 at 53. and the record high setback last year 101. so another hot one. and our high now should be right around 87 degrees. and i think we will get above that once again as we go throughout the day. yesterday, we made it up to 89 degrees. forecasted right around 92. we had more cloud cover across the area. that's what held the temperatures down a bit but 91 into york, pennsylvania yesterday. also in winchester. charlottesville and virginia, 84. they had rain across the area. so rain cooled temperatures prevailed. lows this morning came in around 70 degrees into baltimore. 72 in dulles and more of the
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same into winchester. low 70s in hagerstown. york coming in right around 66. so speaking of 66, that moisture content is once again high. york dealing with patchy fog when you have all that humidity out there on the dew points the same as the temperatures, you are deeing with saturated air -- dealing with saturated air. if your travels take you that way, make sure to have the low beams on. 69 in baltimore for a dew point temperature and 70 in washington and culpepper around 7 3. so once again, we are dealing with that very sultry balmy air. the air quality, yes, we have a code orange in effect once again everywhere except for theeastern shore. that -- you should limit your outdoor activity if you have asthma or lung disease. we are dealing with mainly clear skies. the cloud will move in more as we go into the afternoon. and also the chance for showers and thunderstorms waiting for the cold front to approach. but what's going to happen is it's going to become a stationary front and stall out and that will be foe -- the
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focal point. dry air moves in here into the weekend. future radar picks up on the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for today. and then more likely as we go into your friday. saturday looks good once again. and today's temperature coming in right around 91. and hot, hazy and humid with the scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. tonight, temperature right around 71. and it's going to be sticky. showers and storms will be likely. >> reporter: north of cockeysville paper mill closed between phoenix and cooper. so be aware of that and phoenix. let's look at beltway, 695 at wilkins avenue. no problems to report here. everybody is pretty much on the outer loop which is usual. one problem we have is at the fort mchenry tunnel southbound and bore one the right tube is closed. reportedly due to an overturned vehicle. i found out that this tube will be closed for the remainder of
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the morning. so you can take 895 or the key bridge as your alternate. so if you want to avoid the traffic. megan. >> thanks so much. 5:52 right now a day after president obama ept tanned questions through a -- entertained questions through a twitter account, now back to work on the economy. >> he will talk about an agreement between democrats and republicans. and a hike in one of the most historic national parks turns deadly. what caused things to go wrong. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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more talks expected between repub cay and democrats -- republicans and democrats. they will try to agree to the conditions for raising the government's debt ceiling before the august 2nd deadline. republicans have said they oppose any tax increase. now house majority leader says he is opening to closing the tax loopholes to reduce the deficit. jury selection continues in the perjury trial of roger clemens who faces charges he lied for denying using performance enhancing
5:56 am
constructs drugs. he could face up to 30 years behind bars if convicted. a man hike with his wife has been mauled to death by a bear. it's the first deadly bear attack. official say the couple apparently -- apparently surprised a bear while she was with her cubs. new york city is getting a lot of marriage applications. a state law allowing same sex marriage goes into effect july 24th. michael bloomberg says the clerk offices will be opened for a full day on sunday the 24th and workday hours have been extended until july 29th. illegal immigrants from germany accused of posing as a member of the rockefeller family is on his way to california for murder charges. he was serving a sentence for kidnapping his daughter in new york. they were found in baltimore after authorities were look for him. he is charged with killing a
5:57 am
man in southern california more than 25 years ago. it's four minutes until six. six teens are in trouble with the law this morning. >> coming in the next newshour, what police say they did to three other teens in the area. police in ohio are looked for teens accused of doing the unthinkable to a group of young vendors. ÷x#
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find your signature lifestyle at a design center today. come in now. now "good morning maryland." how can you punish someone for something if you don't know what they did. >> a joy respond to the casey anthony trial. now it's the judge's turn to hand down the sentence. that's the big story this morning. one of the ones we will hear about. but today we find out what her fate is. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowesons. -- crowson. let's say good morning to lynette charles. >> reporter: good morning. we are going to be dealing with change in the